If you’re a homeowner with an unfinished basement, you have an entire space in your home with unrealized potential. With a renovation from Pottruff Contracting, we can take that space and make it into a comfortable and enjoyable room for you and your family to enjoy. Our team at Pottruff has over 10 years of experience in the residential construction industry, and our attention to detail and care can help you get the best possible use out of your basement.

There are a wide variety of renovation options for your basement, and Pottruff can perform all of them if needed. Our renovation services include complete flooring of the basement, installing ceiling tiles, adding windows and putting in wall panels. Our goal is to make your basement feel as much like home as any other room in your house, and match the style and design of the rest of your house.

new basement finished with lots of lighting

Our basement renovations aren’t just designed to be comfortable, we also give our clients the sturdiest and highest quality basements money can buy. Pottruff basement renovations are built to be mold and water resistant, keeping your space safe and clean. We also build the tiles and walls to completely insulate heat, making your basement as warm as the rest of your home. Finished renovations are completely noise-cancelling, giving you as much privacy as you need.

a new finished basement with big stairs and lots of over head lights

Although we have detailed and effective plans to make your basement safe and comfortable, we also leave a lot of room for collaboration with clients. This ensures that you get exactly the basement you want. At Pottruff, we want to take the homeowners dream basement and make it a reality.

If you’re interested in renovating your basement, contact Pottruff Contracting and let us know how we can help you.

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